Bova’s Bakery

Bova’s Bakery – Family-owned and operated since 1932. For over three generations, Bova’s has made all their homemade products fresh daily with only the healthiest ingredients.

Visit us and celebrate a family history made around the oven. North Enders will tell you, there’s nothing quite so comforting as walking home in the early morning with a warm loaf of bread carefully cradled in the crook of your arm. Once home, you sit down at the kitchen table, sneak the butter from the fridge, and open a jar of jam. With mounting anticipation, you prepare for a delicious breakfast.

We know you can picture it. But don’t worry – there’s always something warm and tasty waiting for you at our store at the corner of Prince and Salem. Start a habit today.

(Left to Right) Anthony Bova, Lauren Bova, Vicky Kluse, Charu Bova, Ralph Bova, Ralph Bova Jr.

(Left-Right) Ralph Bova, Vicky Kluse, Anthony Bova and Mary Bova (Mom)

What the? Spuckie!

Ask an old timer what they used to call a big old sandwich loaded to the gills with all the trimmings. By one person’s recollection, a Spuckie is “a word used to describe a submarine (sub) sandwich. It comes from the Italian word “spucadella” which is an italian sandwich roll. It most likely came from the Italians in the North End and elsewhere, but most definitely did NOT come out of Southie! When we were growing up in Revere (1950s), my Aunt Theresa always used to ask us to pick her up a spuckie if we were coming over to visit.”

Regardless, we have the fresh spucadella roll you’re looking for. A “Spuckie” by any other name still tastes great.

Fresh from the Oven!

Call us to find out what we just took out of the oven. We’d be glad to hold a fresh Bostoni or a couple baguettes for you. Seriously! Do you have a craving for sourdough? Anisette cookies? Indulge in the simple pleasures and give us a call : 617.523.5601