Bova’s Bakery – Family-owned and operated since 1932. For over three generations, Bova’s has made all their homemade products fresh daily with only the healthiest ingredients.

Visit us and celebrate a family history made around the oven. North Enders will tell you, there’s nothing quite so comforting as walking home in the early morning with a warm loaf of bread carefully cradled in the crook of your arm. Once home, you sit down at the kitchen table, sneak the butter from the fridge, and open a jar of jam. With mounting anticipation, you prepare for a delicious breakfast.

We know you can picture it. But don’t worry – there’s always something warm and tasty waiting for you at our store at the corner of Prince and Salem. Start a habit today.

(Left to Right) Anthony Bova, Lauren Bova, Vicky Kluse, Charu Bova, Ralph Bova, Ralph Bova Jr.

(Left-Right) Ralph Bova, Vicky Kluse, Anthony Bova and Mary Bova (Mom)